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We at Sommars & Associates, LLC understand that bankruptcy filings have a tremendous financial impact on your bottom line. We will expeditiously handle your bankruptcy matters so that you can begin receiving money or get your collateral back as quickly as possible. We will file your proofs of claim so that you can receive the money you are entitled to in a Chapter 7 or 13 case. We will review the Chapter 13 Plan to make sure your rights are protected, and if they are not, we can file objections to confirmation of the Plan. If getting your collateral back or pursuing collections from a co-obligor is what you need, we can file the appropriate Motion for Relief on your behalf. We also prepare Reaffirmation Agreements and file objections to the dischargeability of certain debts. Motions For Relief are typically filed within 24 hours so that the earliest possible court date is obtained.

Please see the Bankruptcy Referral Form link to assist you in sending us the correct documents and information so that we may begin work on your bankruptcy matter quickly.